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Karmazin Dental’s A success Hollow space Prevention Program



We’re proud to have Dr. Mark Allen and Staff as one in every of our wonderful CariFree workplaces. Lately they’re sharing extra about their hollow space prevention program. We are hoping it’ll encourage your workplace as you lend a hand sufferers change into cavity-free!

What’s your why? Why is a caries prevention program essential to you and your workforce?


We attempt to be an workplace that is thought of as a preventative care workplace that threat assesses each affected person. With that being stated, the biomechanical threat (decay) must be avoided no longer just for the well being of the affected person, but additionally for his or her restorative repairs. As a result of we’re a excessive quantity follow that provides a number of restorative choices, prevention of degradation is of extreme worry.

What has been your largest affected person luck with the product?

We have now observed a vital distinction with decay relief and prevention with the sufferers which were skilled and are compliant in the usage of the CariFree device. I used to be in point of fact amazed on the distinction the goods made.

What recommendation would you give a tradition that is thinking about the usage of CariFree of their workplace?

You’ll be amazed no longer most effective via the adaptation those merchandise have made, however how accepting and compliant your sufferers can be is the usage of them. We have now nearly totally transformed our follow over in the usage of those merchandise. The proof base and science in the back of the goods simply is sensible.

When introducing the goods in your sufferers, what are an important issues concerning the merchandise you give an explanation for to them?


We all the time attempt to come with the “why” in the back of the product. Ranging from the danger evaluate of the affected person (high-risk), biofilm, why they want the product, how the product isn’t like the “over-the-counter” choices and the advantages of xylitol. We additionally incorporate having the ability to “customise” the product line to every person affected person.

CariFree may be made for use via all the circle of relatives. There are fluoride unfastened choices for small children, pH boosting Spray for xerostomia and a wide range taste choices as smartly.

What’s your favourite CariFree product and why?

We in point of fact just like the Upkeep Rinse! It is extremely minty and contemporary. However, I additionally in point of fact advise the grape taste for anyone who does no longer tolerate mint taste. This taste may be very child pleasant! Aspect word: We promote a TON of the PRO Gel 5000 in mint! That is our #1 vendor in our workplace; we actually order 12-16 instances of it at a

Do you’ve got any tips about effectively imposing the goods into a tradition?

Whilst you start to introduce those merchandise, don’t think that your sufferers gained’t be receptive. We began introducing it via explaining to our sufferers their susceptibility for decay, and that there’s a new product out that contains nano -hydroxyapatite along side fluoride, xylitol, and an increased pH to battle acidogenic micro organism within the mouth. Each and every field of product incorporates a pamphlet that provides a proof of the way it works and the CF Staff is so an expert and simple to paintings with and there to lend a hand.

What’s the largest problem on your workplace and your sufferers with the goods? And the way do you triumph over any objections from sufferers?

We have now had a couple of sufferers remark at the expense of the toothpaste, however once they know the way smartly it really works (and feature observed the consequences for themselves), it in point of fact sells itself. We all the time allow them to know that it’s totally as much as them on in the event that they acquire it, however we attempt to reiterate its relevance and the price we position on it. After we voice the advantages of the usage of it vs no longer, the sufferers know the significance as smartly.


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