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In line with vastu shastra, the normal Hindu science of structure,
the solution is YES!

You have got most certainly heard of feng shui, the traditional Chinese language artwork of arranging constructions, gadgets, and house to succeed in unity and stability inside a particular surroundings. Feng shui way “the best way of wind and water.”). However you might not be aware of vastu shastra, feng shui’s architectural counterpart.

If you happen to’ve skilled sleepless nights for days, weeks, or months on finish, you don’t must be reminded how a very powerful sound, restful sleep is in the case of your day by day functioning, mindset, and effort ranges. Restful sleep is helping heal your frame, refresh your spirit, and provide the get-up-and-go you want to take on your tasks and your delights.

Ayurveda is the type of selection drugs (and the conventional device of drugs of India) that seeks to regard and combine frame, thoughts, and spirit the use of a wide-ranging holistic way that emphasizes consuming with the seasons, workout, natural treatments, and meditation to ascertain and keep powerful well being. It emphasizes 3 pillars of well being: vitamin, sleep, and effort control. All 3 are a very powerful, irreducible sides of wellness. Except all 3 are addressed concurrently always, disharmony ensues within our our bodies, paving a trail towards malaise and in the end illness.

When you’re not able to succeed in a complete rejuvenating evening’s sleep regardless of doing the entire same old issues to decompress and deescalate previous to retiring for the evening (turning off your electronics ahead of 8 p.m., journaling, and so forth.), I counsel you check out the sleep positions mentioned under to peer if any of them can lend a hand.

Vastu shastra’s function is to stability the 5 herbal planetary parts (earth, water, fireplace, air, and ether) via holding and striking each and every component inside its correct place and share. Each time that is completed, your living areas transform harmonious, non violent, and wellness-centered. And prefer creates like: your enhanced power is helping your atmosphere and different beings on your orbit obtain and radiate therapeutic power.

In line with vastu shastra, the path through which the highest of your head issues whilst you’re asleep in reality issues!


“Simplest lifeless folks sleep with their heads pointing north.” — Vasant Lad

The Vedas educate that North is the path your soul will take when it exits your frame on the finish of your corporeal lifetime. So, most effective the ones fascinated with occasional lucid dreaming or astral go back and forth must sleep with their head pointing in that path.

In all different instances, it’s no longer a good suggestion on account of the planet’s magnetic box. As a result of we, too, reply bodily to magnetic poles — with our inner sure fee dealing with north and our unfavourable fee dealing with south — those that attempt to sleep in opposition to this herbal polarity are very similar to two sure magnets being compelled into face-to-face touch. Just right success with that! Those that sleep with their heads dealing with north often can be expecting to get up feeling exhausted evening after evening, with no sign of ending.

And since it’s magnetic polarities that have an effect on the movement of your blood, sound asleep with the highest of your head dealing with north could cause tension, sickness, and idea disturbances, none of which mean you can reach a restful evening’s sleep. The end result: probably unhelpful emotional instability, frustration, lack or diminution of self-discipline, distress, and bodily issues.

In one sound chew, sound asleep with the highest of your head dealing with north withdraws power out of your frame.


Educational scholars, pay attention up! Slumbering with the highest of your head dealing with east is a superb technique. Doing so will spice up your talent to retain what you’re studying, build up your talent to pay attention, and advertise meditation-like sleep.

East may be the very best path for educators, students, and activity and promotion-seekers. Slumbering on this place will let you really feel extra tough, masterful, and full of life.

East may be excellent for any individual who’s striving to triumph over well being demanding situations.


Slumbering with the highest of your head dealing with west can also be problematic for any individual who’s experiencing sleep deficits. Even supposing west is ok (no longer excellent, however ok), should you’re success-driven and striving for some type of global renown or domination on your box, the head-facing-west place gained’t essentially serve you as a competent sleep-inducer. Even supposing some sleep mavens counsel that west is a impartial sound asleep place, others declare it’s onerous to get superb rejuvenating leisure on account of the prevalence of common, unsettling motion/journey sort goals. (Kind A’s are particularly susceptible to sound asleep fitfully, so East and South are perfect for them.)

Final analysis: Slumbering with the highest of your head dealing with west or north opposes your function to maximise the quantity of leisure and recuperation you need to succeed in.


Ding ding ding ding ding! On the subject of reaching restful, rejuvenating sleep, south is the arms down, gold-plated winner.

If you wish to sleep just like the proverbial lifeless and get up in a position to embody and give a boost to your existence, flip your mattress so its head faces south.

Recall the above magnetic pole knowledge. Slumbering together with your head dealing with south and your toes dealing with north attracts power into your frame. No longer most effective will your sleep feel free and contented, your well being, happiness, and prosperity are prone to build up. Slumbering with head south way you’ll take in the power required to take on what wishes doing to advance you to the following stage on your adventure towards your existence targets.

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The put up NORTH, EAST, WEST, OR SOUTH: gave the impression first on Deborah King.


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