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Taking part in The Go back of the Sunshine – BionicOldGuy


In spite of everything the new storms we’ve had, it’s great we’ll be getting smartly over per week of great climate. I took good thing about it the day prior to this with somewhat over two hours of brisk using to the west after which southeast.

It’s feeling lovely spring-like, no less than briefly, for February, with our Magnolia tree in bloom.
Oak Glen Ave, Heading up the hill in opposition to Llagas street

I’ve my recumbent arrange in a brand new configuration with two small 20″ (iso 406 mm) wheels and the seat from my outdated motorcycle. That is at ease however significantly extra aerodynamic than the outdated motorcycle so it’s quicker. The day gone by was once my first lengthy check of this setup and I in reality love it. With skinnier (28 mm) tires it’s rapid on smoother roads. With fatter tires like 32 or 38 mm it may possibly deal with rougher roads. If I need to be quicker, like for doing a Strava report strive, I will put the larger 28 inch (700c or iso 622 mm) wheels on and the brand new seat which is a lot more reclined. Switching a number of the configurations takes an issue of mins now that I’m used to it. It’s great to have this sort of versatility out of 1 motorcycle. On account of this I now handiest personal two motorcycles which has freed up some cupboard space within the storage. This additionally is helping in dialog, as I don’t have to give an explanation for to non-cyclisting fanatics why I would like 3 motorcycles (which will get somewhat refined…).

Entrance 20″ wheel off my outdated motorcycle, and a brand new wheel I ordered for the again
It is a drawback of small wheels. The place the crimson arrow is you’ll be able to see the rear derailleur hangs down just about the bottom. It might be dangerous if it dragged at the flooring because of a flat. However I verified that at worst it nonetheless clears the bottom through an inch with the tire deflated. Shut name! It most certainly would now not be a good suggestion to journey this setup off-road or on in reality tough roads


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