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Tubolight Diamana, the Quickest MTB Tire Liner as a result of Venturi Airflow INSIDE Your Tires!


Tubolight says their Diamana is not just the quickest & lightest mountain motorcycle tire liner in the marketplace – however additionally they declare it’s “the winningest tire insert [on the] Global Cup, and the one one successful in each downhill and cross-country“. Its secret even though is NOT simply its gentle weight or some distinctive subject material. Tubolight says that it’s the particular shaping in their Diamana liner that manipulates the glide of air molecules INSIDE your tire to higher keep an eye on native tire compression & rebound as you roll over tough terrain.

Tubolight Diamana is the quickest, maximum complicated MTB tire liner

Tubolight Diamana world's fastest MTB mountain bike tubeless tire liner, race proven by Mathias Flückiger

I’m at all times a little skeptical of a product we’ve now not heard a lot of, claiming to be the quickest and winningest. However but even so sealant itself, tire liners are the least outwardly visual part on a race motorcycle. (To be honest we did pay attention about, however now not bodily see them on Thibaut Daprela’s Commencal Ideally suited DH V5 downhill race motorcycle final summer season in Leogang.)

So we’ll simply take Tubolight’s phrase for it at the wins if most effective in accordance with the rainbow jersey footage of 2021 XC Global Champ Evie Richards, 2021 Olympic Gold medalist Jolanda Neff, and 2021 DH Global Champ Myriam Nicole on their homepage. To not point out 2021 XC Global Cup #1 Mathias Flückiger and 2022 DH Global Cup #1 Amaury Pierron. The ones 5 riders on my own have it appears racked up a slew of wins on Tubolight tire liners in addition to a number of different riders on 5 forged MTB groups. There’s additionally the curious sponsorship of professional conti street crew Q36.5, since Tubolight’s most sensible Diamana tech isn’t but to be had in street tire sizes.

So, everyone knows about MTB tire liners. What makes a Tubolight Diamana liner other?

What occurs inside of a mountain motorcycle tire while you hit a disadvantage?

Tubolight Diamana world's fastest MTB mountain bike tubeless tire liner, how it works

Many mountain bikers are on board with the concept tire liners could make you quicker in the end. You get advanced low-pressure grip & decrease rolling-resistance with out shedding time trailside solving apartments. However Italian tire liner maker Tubolight has a extra nuanced tackle how tire liners could make you quicker…

Tubolight Diamana world's fastest MTB mountain bike tubeless tire liner, tire section

When your mountain motorcycle tire hits a disadvantage, the tire deforms on the website online of have an effect on. That in the community will increase the air stress within the tire, which in flip temporarily rebounds, bouncing the tire again out towards the purpose of have an effect on. It will ceaselessly occur sooner than the motorcycle’s suspension will even begin to react.

Decrease tire pressures and supple tire casings can prolong that speedy rebound. However there’s most effective so low or supple you’ll be able to cross with out sacrificing balance, keep an eye on, or sturdiness – even with most normal tire liners, which can be already a large development.

How does the Diamana answer paintings? And why?

Tubolight Diamana world's fastest MTB mountain bike tubeless tire liner, up close powered by Venturi effect

The Tubolight Diamana targets to really create 2 layers of air stress within the tire quantity and to keep an eye on the rate at which air flows from one to the opposite. This creates a twin good thing about slowing native tire rebound with decrease outer stress close to the website online of have an effect on and spreading the drive additional across the rim for higher have an effect on coverage with the next stress zone subsequent to the rim.

Tubolight Diamana world's fastest MTB mountain bike tubeless tire liner, side profile powered by Venturi effect

From the facet, the blue Tubolight Diamana doesn’t glance anything else like different liners. Its undulating form rises and falls in waves across the wheel, leaving gaps of area above the rim. From an perspective, you’ll be able to see the original scooped nature of the Diamana liner, with dimpled ‘big name’ shapes stacked on most sensible of one another.

Tubolight claims that after an have an effect on hits the tire from the out of doors, those scoops direct airflow into the rim mattress below the lining by the use of the ones lateral channel openings. Their form takes good thing about the Venturi impact to hurry up and compress the air because it strikes below the lining. The dimples additionally declare the similar boundary separation concept we see on golfing balls and Zipp wheels, so extra air is going into the lateral channel openings, and does now not replicate again into the primary tire quantity.

That implies air flows into the rim neatly sooner than it could break out, delaying the quick rebound impact that in a different way makes the tire leap off a disadvantage.

Tubolight’s claimed effects?

Tubolight Diamana world's fastest MTB mountain bike tubeless tire liner, Mona Mittlewallner

The plain result’s the native air stress within the tire does now not building up just about as a lot on the website online of an have an effect on, so there’s a a lot slower native rebound or leap.

Tubolight Diamana world's fastest MTB mountain bike tubeless tire liner, race proven by Mathias Flückiger

That implies the deformed tire will proceed to stick hooked up to the abnormal floor floor for advanced grip and keep an eye on. Tubolight claims a “huge 60%” building up of constant stress towards the bottom for next-level traction. The slower rebound additionally claims 55% upper vibration damping, resulting in reduced rider fatigue and a smoother journey.

They in the long run say Third-party checking out confirms as much as a 9% rolling-resistance aid over tough surfaces.

Tech main points

Tubolight Diamana world's fastest MTB mountain bike tubeless tire liner, XHD

Tubolight Diamana liners are fabricated from high-density closed-cell EVA foam – assured 100% absorption-free to paintings with any sealant. Relative to different liners, additional foam hardness for the Diamana liners is essential to make sure they keep their distinctive form for optimized air motion within the tire, and to ship “years” of dependable efficiency. This “ends up in the longest-lasting tire insert ever made” in line with Tubolight, “even after lengthy runflat rides“.

Those distinctive Diamana liners are to be had in 3 other variations, with other thicknesses & densities to fit mountain motorcycle driving from XC to DH. Their distinctive form additionally guarantees they may be able to be used with any tubeless valves.

Tubolight Diamana tire liners – Pricing, choices & availability

Tubolight Diamana world's fastest MTB mountain bike tubeless tire liner: SL, HD or XHD

Diamana SL is the softest, thinnest & lightest for cross-country racing – at a claimed 97g in line with tire in 29″ most effective.

The thicker, medium-hardness Diamana HD is probably the most common all-rounder tire liner at 145g in 29″ most effective, supposed for rear downcountry, or entrance path, enduro & DH tires.

Finally, Diamana XHD options the thickest liner with the toughest EVA compound, in particular for use with strengthened casing tires. XHD is available in each 27.5″ (205g) and 29″ (220g) sizes to fit hard-charging enduro & DH race motorcycles, in addition to heavier eMTBs.

Tubolight Diamana tire liners are offered direct from Tubolight, to be had for 100€ solely in pairs. These days, most effective the 29″ SL+SL, SL+HD & HD+HD pairs are in inventory. XHD liners aren’t lately to be had.



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